Participating Teams 2021

Teams Playing from:

Arizona, California, Idaho, Oregon
Utah, Washington.
Cal Sparks 15s      EYBL                            CA
Tree of Hope 15s EYBL                            WA
West Coast Premier 15s EYBL               CA
Team Walker Elite Black 15s                            AZ
3D Elite                                                          CA 
ABA Sixers Black  17u                               WA
Cal Sparks Black 17u                                 CA
Cal Sparks SS24 17U                                 CA
Cal Sparks San Diego 17u                        CA
Cal Swish-GBL Arizona                              AZ
Hoop Blessings 17u                                   CA                Lynwood United  17u                                 CA
Salt Lake Metro Black 17u                        UT
Salt Lake Metro 2022  17u                        UT
Salt Lake Metro Gold  17u                          UT
Socal Supreme  17u                                     CA
South Medford 17u                                     OR
South Medford 17u                                     OR   
Stockton Mustangs Royal 17u                  CA
Stockton Mustangs White 17u                 CA
Team Legacy National                                  AZ
Team Walker Elite  16u                                AZ
ABA Sixers 16u                                                WA
Cal Sparks SS24 16u                                      CA
Diamond Lane 16u                                          ID
Salt Lake Metro  2023 16u                            UT




 IS MANDATORY STAY & PLAY.  Any Entries without Room Reservations for Coaches and Players will must be deleted and entry fee returned. Please do not ignore this requirement. 







Reduced Event Entry Fee This year only is $695
4 Game Guarantee
3 Courts In the Westin Resort Ballroom
Stay & Play Tourney. All Teams must be
ready to play 8am July 23rd and last games are July 25th  6:30 pm. 3-4 Nights Resort stay depending on Teams City of Origin, travel plans  and Division.  22,23,24th (25th).  
Ballroom Doors will Open at 7:30 Am
Daily General Admission $20 per Day
General Admission 3 day Pass $50.
Seniors 60 & over $15 per day
School Age (G 1-12) Children  $10 per Day
Children 5 and under FREE
Free Parking