3 Courts In the Westin Resort Ballroom
Stay & Play Tourney.
42 Teams playing from 9 States. 
Ballroom Doors will Open at 7:30 Am
Daily General Admission $20 per Day
General Admission 3 day Pass $50.
Seniors 62 & over ,
School Age (G 1-12) Children  $10 per Day
Children 5 and under FREE
Free Parking

1ABA BlackWA


3Cal Sparks 15u BlueCA

4Cal Sparks 15u DreamCA

5Cal Sparks 16s EYBLCA

6Cal Sparks Black 17uCA

7Cal Sparks Gold EYBLCA

8Cal Sparks San Diego 17uCA

9Cal Sparks SS24 DiamondCA

10Cal Sparks SS24 PlatinumCA

11Colorado Premier 17u EYBLCO

12 Colorado Premier 16u EYBLCO

13Colorado Premier 15uCO

14Salesian Force 17uCA

15 San Diego Sol EliteCA

16Salt Lake Metro 2024UT

17Salt Lake Metro 2025UT

18Salt Lake Metro BlackUT

19Salt Lake Metro GoldUT

20San Diego Sol FireCA

21South Medford BlackOR

22South Medford BlueOR

23Stockton MustangsCA

24Team Elite - 16U 3SSBGA

25Team Elite - 17U 3SSBGA

26Team Elite-15U 3SSBGA

27Team Elite-16U GoldGA

28Team Knight 15u  3SSBFL

29Team Knight 16u 3SSBFL

30Team Knight 17U 3SSBFL

31Tree of Hope  16uEYBLWA

32Tree of Hope 15UWA

33Utah Premier 14uUT

34Utah Premier 15uUT

35 Utah Premier 16uUT

36Utah Premier 17uUT

37 Walker Elite BlackAZ

38 Walker Elite SelectAZ

39Wi. Playground Elite BSTTLWI 

40Wi. Playground Elite 15U SmithWI 

41Wi. Playground Elite-LarryWI 

42Wi. Playground Elite-SpeightsWI