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30 Teams playing from multiple States. 

Ballroom Doors will Open at 7:30 Am
Daily General Admission $20 per Day
Seniors 62 & over &
School Age (G 1-12) Children  $10 per Day
Children 5 and under FREE
Free Parking


WESTIN LAKE LAS VEGAS RESORT, Lake Las Vegas Nevada.  12TH Annual INVITATION ONLY Tournament.

Please Do not submit this Registration without an Invitation to play. We are limited with only 3 Courts. No Secondary Locations.
Good Exposure for YOUR Athletes with Only 3 courts Playing at once.

ALL TEAMS & COACHES MUST STAY AT LAKE LAS VEGAS RESORT TO QUALIFY TO PLAY IN THIS EVENT.  ANY Teams that cancel Room Reservations at the Westin will be replaced by Waiting list teams as a Breach of Contract. Our Hotel arrangement is not a money grab, its a requirement for us to host at this beautiful resort. They are not a gym, they allow ballroom access because we sell rooms for the Resort.


We have 4 HS Division Levels this year are 17u Invitational*       ( Dan Beavor) , 17U, 16u, 15u.  (Dan Beavor) is where teams with Multiple LEGIT D1 Prospects should be playing. 


ALL TEAMS checkin Saturday July 22nd, Play Games 23/24, and Checkout July 25th. 3 nights Stay.


Please do not enter this event if you have multiple teams and no Assistants. 


Team Participation Fee this year has been reduced to $595, and all Teams are Guaranteed 4 games. In accordance with NCAA RULES, There are no comp entries for this Certified event. All teams must pay the registration fee without regard to team status.

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