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All INFORMATION will be POSTED ONLINE and on our Free CAL SPARKS BASKETBALL APP for your Iphone, Droid Phone, Ipad., Tablet etc.  Search by Team or Date.

Team List


Boo Williams EYBL 17S

Cal Sparks Gold EYBL 17u

Cal Sparks 16u Eybl

Cal Sparks Black 17

Cal Sparks Blue

Cal Sparks San Diego

Cal Sparks 14u

Cal Sparks South 15u

Cal Storm Taurasi EYBL 17s

Cal Storm 16s EYBL

Cal Swish EYBL 17s

WC Premier Black  EYBL

Cal Stars Valley Elite

Cal Stars Valley Select

Vegas United 16s UAA

Vegas United 15s

Bayview Road Warriors

Troop West Black Gauntlet

Troop West Gold

Troop West Gray

GBL Derek Fisher National

GBL Derek Fisher Gold

GBL 14s

LPF Lady Elite Blue

LPF lady Elite White

Arizona Lady Rebels


Ihoop 2

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